Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something to think about

I've tried the HK rice burger. It was called "Fahn-tastic", because "fahn" means rice. Naaaaasty! Nice concept - gluten free and all that, but the rice bun was just tasteless. Kind of like...bad burger sushi?

In defense of fast food...it employs a lot of people who wouldn't otherwise have a readily available source of employment. Again, just something to think about. It needs fixing...but I think it's WORTH fixing.

I'm not anti-fast food...not yet. We don't go often anymore...not since my husband watched Food, Inc. last December, but....I don't know. I'm still trying to process all of this new information. Can someone tell me how to duplicate the McD's burger TASTE at home? 'cause I'll miss that.
Everything You Need to Know About Fast Food
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  1. I think there is a good market out there now for fast and healthy food. I think money is the greatest hurdle, though. What I wish people would realize is that when you buy a McD burger for a buck you are getting a really good deal on bad food. My sister was telling me about the scene in Food Inc where they compare the prices of a fast food dollar menu to the prices in a grocery store produce section. But it isn't a fair comparison. You'd have to compare the price of the lowest quality buns, fattiest meat, and cheapest processed cheese, and then divide it into comparable portions and you'd see that it isn't so much cheaper to get it from a fast food joint. And you have to take into consideration the weight as well. I pound of broccoli may be $1.99 but a 1/4 cheeseburger on the dollar menu times 4 would be $4/lb (remember they weigh the meat before cooking so it doesn't weigh as much after cooking). So it is still cheaper to buy fresh and good food.

    Why don't grocery stores put in their own drive through windows where you can buy selection of fresh produce, yogurts, and deli items? Half the time I'd rather do that but the drive thru calls to me because I don't have to haul all my kids into the store with me.

  2. You might find this handy: