Friday, September 24, 2010

Celebrate: The Husband

Hello, mamas. I have this crazy idea. I want to Celebrate. I want to celebrate lots of things…and if I don’t want to, I want to celebrate until I FEEL like celebrating. There are things that are easy for me to celebrate – my husband/best friend, living close to family, and rainy fall weather. (Yes, really.) There are other things that are harder to celebrate…but I’m going to celebrate them until I remember that it’s true. I’m not going to tell you this things right now because, frankly, I’m embarrassed. We’ll get to those later.


So, I’m going to start with something easy. My husband. Nearly 6 years ago, I was in a choir, and I was showing off, and I was sassy…and I met my match. I met my best friend. He could stand up to my teasing, and he could ignore it or throw it back. He went shopping with me and carried my bags…containing nail polish and hair spray. He was everything I was looking for, and everything I didn’t know I wanted. We were married later that same year, and started our family soon after. Now he’s not only my husband, he’s Daddy to two little kids who adore him. He’s incredible in those awkward First Impression scenarios. He’s a sharp dresser, and frequently lends me his skills. (Read: He takes me shopping and picks out my clothes. I’m hopeless when it comes to clothing myself.) He loves to play video games…which fits in rather nicely with my little blogging habit. He calls his mother every. single. day, and I know that he’ll teach his children to do the same for me.

Housewives, how do you celebrate your husbands? What do you love about him? Leave a comment, write a post and link back, or drop me a line. Think about it. If things aren’t perfect, tell us about the good stuff. Tell us what you love.  Nobody, and no thing, is perfect. But let’s give this a shot.