Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Linky Love

Real Food: Making the Switch to Real Sea Salt (SortaCrunchy)Make your own mustard! (Martha Stewart, via Angry Chicken)
Sustainable Eats (a Seattle blogger who has turned her 1/5 acre Seattle lot into a garden...and grows all her own food. Amazing!)

Want to avoid nasty, contaminated ground beef? Grind your own. (NYTimes) (We've been doing this for a few months, ever since my husband watched Food, Inc. last December. Incidentally, we haven't eaten any fast food burgers since then, either. Hmm....)

Spring Cleaning Week: Living Room, Kitchen and Outdoor Spaces (SimpleMom)
The Benefits of Non-Toxic Cleaning (SimpleMom)
Common Roadblocks to DeCluttering (SimpleMom)
More homemade cleaners (Little Adventures)

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  1. I use Redmond RealSalt, which is sea salt mined in Utah. Funny, eh? I remember how bowled over I felt when I realized than *any* food, when processed, lost nutrients. It never occurred to me that salt shouldn't be white. :)

    Gotta read me about decluttering roadblocks. I bet I could add a few to the list!