Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Food Revolution, Episode 4

1. Without the community, there's no way I'm ever going to start a Food Revolution.

2. Jamie's going to get 1,000 people into his kitchen...or he owes Rod the DJ a beer.

3. By telling people that Jamie has no chance in h*** in winning this bet...he's offering some great publicity for Jamie's kitchen! (All part of the plan, folks...)

4. He's tried his schtick on elementary school kids...and then high school kids...why not get the college kids in on it?! And...dancing, while they're in it.

5. And...cue the flash mob! Ever wonder what a stir fry recipe would look a dance? Now's your chance to find out. (Go here to check it out.)

6. This dance is cracking me up! I would I could have been there to see it. It's weird, yeah...but does anything happen in the Quad of a university that ISN'T weird?! Right then.

7. Closed down the street, got his little board with his 1,000 squares for the 1,000 faces...and he's ready to DO this thang!

8. It will improve your skin, your hair, your life, your s** life. Whew, boy. Them's a load of claims!

9. A 50-something woman who has never cooked before?! How does that HAPPEN. Seriously. Woman or not, how do you live for 50 years and never COOK?!

10. He's got foxy chicks and old nannies on his board. (I certainly hope I can be an old nanny someday!)

11. How cool for that construction business to let Jamie come in and do a demo/cooking class session. How's that for a little break in your work day?!

12. Alice has shown up! She cracks me up. "Have we got gloves??" No, dear girl. We have soap, and lovely "pahsta."

13. "People see how excited he is, and how easy it is to cook." It seriously is easy. That's not the point, though - so many of my friends don't cook because they. don't. want. to. Simple as that. They'd rather be doing other things. So the trick is to come up with cuisine that gets them in and out of the kitchen as quick as possible...without raiding the pantry for a boxed something or other.

14. Now it's time to show DJ Rod WHY Jamie is here. It's not to pick on your nice's to HELP them. We're in a mortuary. Looking at caskets. There's a normal one...and then one that could fit my entire family. It's built for one very. large. person. You could do cremation...but the person will not cremate properly with all that lipid build up. If the person must be buried, they must purchase two burial plots.

15. "It aint about cookin' lettuce. The Food Revolution is about saving lives." ~ Jamie. Amen.

16. Rod is meeting Jamie's friends. The big ones. That sobering. There is an issue, for sure, in America. Rod, wake up. Don't fight this. Seriously. To anyone who thinks the annoying little English man should go home...WAKE UP. There's an issue.

17. Rod's had a change of heart. Whether his animosity was a publicity stunt or not, I think it depicts the struggle that many people would have when Jamie first arrived.

18. A nice little plug for frozen veg...and for Green Giant in particular. (I have no problem with this! SOMEONE has to have been paying for all the things this show has consumed in the past two months - ingredients, kitchen space, etc.) (Frozen veg are, theoretically, picked at the peak of fresh, and then frozen within hours. Therefore, they're usually "closer to the vine" than fresh produce that has been trucked across the state (or the world!) before it ends up in your supermarket.

19. That board, with its 950 people on it, is really really impressive! Such a lot of smiling, happy faces.

20. The governor is insisting that the progress that has happened already will not be undone. Not sure how he'll do it...but it's his intention, anyhow.

21. "Sprinkle it from on high, guys. Give it some style!" Good advice.

A really great episode. Food is...essential. Food is life. Food does not have to be an unhealthy obsession. I firmly believe tha tonce we give our bidies what they crave and what they need.....other things sort of work themselves out. Did you see how much oil Jamie was putting in that wok?! Over a tablespoon. Fat. is. OK. Cutting out fat from your diet won't save you. Cutting out sugar won't save you. Cutting out fried things? Now, THAT has real possibilities....

What do y'all think?

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  1. Yo, finally remembered to subscribe.

    1) Fat WILL save you- it's essential to the way our bodies function and absorb vitamins and minerals.

    2) Sugar teaches us right from wrong. Bible says so :)

  2. Jon was actually told by his doctor that he needed more good fat in his diet. So he started eating more almonds and avacados. I love me a good fatty avacado. =)

  3. I've heard of getting healthier ground meat by asking the grocery store butcher to grind it for you, but I had NO IDEA I could do it in a food processor. Awesome.

  4. I loved that dance - the looks on the faces that were watching were just so sweet. I only saw half of this show, and your recap helped make sense of some questions I had. ;)

    And on healthy fat - it's not just plant vs animal fat - it's how it's raised. Non-GMO, organic soybean oil is farrrrr superior to hydrogenated soybean oil. Animal fat from pastured animals (who actually live IN A PASTURE, and not a CAFO) is healthier not only because the animals are less stressed and don't have to be on prophylactic antibiotics their whole (short, pathetic) life, but they eat the food God intended they eat, instead of what has become affordable and wrong. Oliver isn't focusing much on the Real Food bandwagon, but that's probably because it's important to get people to stop eating fast food so much, to get in teh kitchen. THEN we can talk more about quality. :)