Friday, April 23, 2010

Linky Love

It's been a few days! So, I'm going to share with you some things that I've loved this week! (This is...a lot of links to read through. I'm running on the assumption that no one is going to want to read every. single. one. However, if this is totally overwhelming, and you'd like linky lists like this broken up in to separate posts, please let me know in the comments.)

To Make:
How to make a ruffled top from a men's shirt (ThreadBanger)
A quiet book (Camille's Casa) (Loads of pages and patterns!)
Little Girl Leggings (Sparkle Power, hat tip to Myrnie)
Bubblegum Jumper (From an Igloo, hat tip to Myrnie)
Indoor Hopscotch! (Dollar Store Crafts)
A Chore Jar that everyone can help with (Somebody Needs a Nap)
Make your own Deodorant (How About Orange)
Pillow case to a market bag! (
Easiest Cushion Cover Ever (Gingham Cherry)
Fabric Covered Brooch Makeover (~Chez Vies ~)
Tile Coasters (Cheap AND fast!) (Little Birdie Secrets)
Non-Committal Curtains from Bedsheets (Sew Much Ado)

A blog of nothing but pictures of school lunches, from around the world. Yum! (What's For School Lunch)
You're Throwing Away more than $500 in Your Kitchen Every Year (
A blogger is looking for 1000 picky eaters, in 30 days. Click through to sign her petition and sign up! (Good Bite)
Did you know you can grill beets?! (sfgirlbybay)
How Jelly Beans are Made (Serious Eats)
Edible Science Experiment with your kids (Make and Takes)
Beyond Easy Oven-Dried Tomatoes (Svelte Gourmand)
A SF school has planted the first vertical school garden (Slow Food USA)
Fudgy Frosting (Teach me to Walk)
Lunch Lady Q&A (Fed Up With Lunch, hat tip to Myrnie)

Make a Sunflower TeePee! (RootsAndWingsCo)
Make your own seed tape (Givers Log) (An easy way to plant itty bitty seeds, or a great way to gift them!)
Grow your own garden necessary (Craftzine) (harvests are ready in about a week!)

To do:
A man's mission to share skills with the younger generation (Make and Meaning)
(Here's his new blog, too) (Hands On Project)

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