Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Getting Through It

Hi. We’re moving. Like, next week. Did you know?

It’s hanging over our heads, and coloring every decision we make. Are we going grocery shopping? Nope! There’s a FREEZER full of food, and it’s got to be gone by next Tuesday, or it will be thrown out. What can I make with all that pumpkin? Frozen spinach? Chicken breasts? (Turns out, I canNOT cook a decent chicken breast, unless it’s attached to a whole chicken. *sigh* We’re having a lot of rather DRY dinners. There was one rather notable Tikka Masala dinner last week. Maybe I’ll make that again.)

The kids…they’re a little weird. Couple the impending move with random half-packed boxes appearing all over the house, and stories of the Great! Wonderful! Things! waiting for us There…and they’re kind of weird.

I have times, every day now, where I just wander through the house yelling. I grin at my kids, so they’re not scared (goodness knows, they’re used to Mommy yelling!) but sometimes it’s the only way to get the Anxious out.

Do you know what this feels like? I’m nesting. (Although I don’t remember being quite! this! anxious! last time I was pregnant.) I’ve got a queen-sized quilt top halfway pieced, hanging over my banister. I have half-packed boxes. I’ve unloaded over a dozen bags and boxes of things on Freecycle.  I have yards of fabric to make new pillows for new couches in the new house, but I can’t make them because I’ve never seen the new house (true story!) and we haven’t picked out the new couches yet. I’m nesting.

Share, Mamas – how did your family handle the stress of your last move? (Or your last baby? Because, apparently, it’s the same thing.)

We ARE excited to move. I’m really excited to see my new house, and be close to my family, and see old friends again. We’ve just got to get through one more week.


  1. Hi. It's me. I didn't. :) (At least, not well!) Best we can do is Keep Calm and Carry On. (Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...)

  2. Calm? Calm? I have a whole month 'til my move and I'm NOT calm about it. LOL.

    Ok, no, seriously, I'm very happy and excited for you!

  3. When we moved from NJ to California, we had a pantry FULL... better than mine now, thanks to a friend who had moved before us, and we just kept it up. When we left we dropped bags off at YW's homes (I had been in the presidency) and who knows if they ate any of what I had. I don't handle moves well, I either get to organized and anal retentive or just don't care, both are not productive... good luck!