Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waste not, Want not: Strawberry Vinegar


Inspired by my sweet bloggy buddy Carrie, over at Wee Two Three (not linking because I think she’s private?). She is one of the crunchiest, most inspiring women I know…and she made this a few weeks ago.  IMG_6885

I cut up a bunch of strawberries this morning for a beach playdate, and thought of her “recipe.” I pulled out a clean jar, threw in the clean tops, and covered them in white vinegar. By this afternoon, the vinegar was already a lovely, murky pink.  It’s currently chilling out in my refrigerator.


When I deem it “done”, I’ll use the vinegar to make some strawberry vinaigrette. Mmmmm.



A few weeks ago, my sister helped at a wedding, slicing up two dozen lemons for pitchers of ice water. She didn’t have the heart to throw away all those lemon ends, so she bagged them up, brought them home and put them in her freezer. Now, whenever her garbage disposal starts smelling funky, she pulls one out and throws it in. Instant fresh!

When I get stale bread left over, especially heels, I throw it together in a bag and throw it in the freezer. I keep adding it to it, and then pull out a few pieces whenever I need bread crumbs. The pieces are broken up, then pulsed in a food processor and mixed with spices. Easy peasy! They can be used as is, or toasted in the oven.

How about you? Do you have any special ways of using up those bits and bobs that most people usually throw away?

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